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It’s our pleasure to welcome you to join the Haimo Family!

Haimo is a multi-ethnic and multi-competency Group operating in 9 countries in diverse business functions. At the core of Haimo’s diversity policies is the recognition that team, comprising employees from different cultures and backgrounds, contributes valuable understanding of complex international markets and delivers better results.

We provide equal and merit based employment opportunities to all employees and applicants without regard to race, color, gender or any other protected status in recruitment, hiring, compensation, promotion, training, performance evaluation and all other aspects of employment.

Haimo Technologies was established in August, 1994 and became a limited liability company in December, 2000. Over the last two decades of its development, Haimo has grown to be a leader in the multiphase flow metering sector as one of the top 5 suppliers of multiphase products and services in the international market.

After going public, Haimo has been steadily growing in business scope and product line by way of merger and acquisitions. Now Haimo is also a leading supplier of fracturing equipments for the unconventional shale oil and gas sector. It is also became the first private Chinese listed company to enter into the exploration and production of unconventional oil & gas in the US.

Haimo firmly believes in the mantra that people make success possible and that people are the most important asset. We offer an ideal environment for a rich, high-growth and professionally fulfilling career. We have a young team, particularly in mind and spirit, who constantly challenge themselves to do more, do it differently and do it better.

Further our success lies not only in the remarkable development of our operations but also on account of the fact that we attract the most talented people to join in. This is the main objective we always believe in the philosophy that “Employees are the most valuable asset of Haimo” and will always try our best to sharpen their skill through continuous training and constant improvement of our employees at the work place.

We offer a host of career opportunities in all aspects of Operations, New Product Development, Sales, Services and Marketing as well as Corporate support services and overall development.

Our aim is to become global industry leader and we expect that your equal participation will contribute to our success and build your career with Haimo.

Be tolerant to diversity, to dedication. Welcome!

Ressources humaines

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